Born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in a small North Carolina town, Natasha Del Toro jokingly refers to herself as a hick spic. Proud of her mixed cultural upbringing, she grew up on rice and beans, biscuits and Waffle House coffee. Dancing salsa. Speaking with a Southern accent.  She even had a mullet long before hipsters made it an ironically cool haircut. Sadly, those photos have all been burned.

As one of the only Latinas in her community at the time, she learned to operate between different cultures. At a young age she noticed glaring racial divisions in her town (which she writes more about here) that stoked her sense of social justice.

Journalism has given her the opportunity to tell stories about underrepresented people and to cover issues of inequality and injustice, while trying to maintain a sense of humility, humor and compassion.

She's reported on a wide range of topics--arts and culture, politics, immigration and the environment. She produced short documentaries on artists in Cuba and Haiti and covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention for PBS Frontline World. Working as a staff videographer for, her reports on the Haiti earthquake were honored at the New York Press Club. She also traveled across the US with internationally renown photographer Joakim Eskildsen to produce a book and multimedia website on poverty in America called American Realities. That project led to a documentary by KQED and Center for Investigative Reporting called Hunger in the Valley of Plenty that won an Emmy award. 

In 2013, she completed a Fulbright Scholarship, teaching a multimedia journalism class at the University of Antioquia in Medellin.

She moved to Miami to work as an on-camera correspondent at Fusion, an ABC/Univision joint venture. She's worked on documentaries about America's broken electoral system, the opioid crisis and Scott Pruitt, the former head of the EPA for Fusion's Naked Truth series and has been awarded a prestigious DuPont and RFK award.  She was also part of the consortium of journalists that won a Pulitzer for reporting on the Panama Papers.  The Naked Truth is also now a popular docu-series on Netflix. And you can see some of her segments about Puerto Rico on HBO's Outpost series. 

Currently, she is the anchor of Mic Dispatch, an exciting news magazine show on Facebook Watch that goes beyond the headlines to profile the underrepresented, problem-solvers and provocateurs. She is a freelance correspondent for Fault Lines, an investigative documentary program on Al Jazeera. And she hosts America Reframed on PBS World Channel, a program which features independent documentaries about the changing face and identity of the U.S, which is in its sixth season. The series is curated by American Documentary, the creators of POV. America Reframed won a DuPont, a Gracie award and was nominated for an Emmy.

Additionally, she's been doing a lot of yoga and meditation in an effort to find work/life balance. She hasn't figured it out but she did finally learn how to do a headstand. 







A school in ruins. Port-au-Prince a week after the earthquake.

A school in ruins. Port-au-Prince a week after the earthquake.