My latest for Fusion's Investigative Series called the Naked Truth, also available on Netflix.

The Naked Truth: Dirty Little Secrets Premieres Sunday, April 17 @8

Watch the full documentary on Netflix-Naked Truth series.

Frontline World videos from back in the day

Cuba has a long and rich heritage in the arts, but during the last two decades, the visual arts have become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most viable ways to make money . I traveled to Cuba to meet two of its most acclaimed artists and find out why art is at the center of Cuban society. For more about Los Carpinteros, visit PBS Frontline World's website.

Belo Murat is trying to change Haiti's image with his music. I traveled to the county's first international music festival to hear Belo perform and see if the country is ready for tourism. Visit PBS Frontline World's website for more on the story.