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Coming this October: Films that delve into America's education system and question the limitations of a student, whether they be undocumented or incarcerated. Catch the back to school broadcasts of The Unafraid, Personal Statement, The Corridor, Intelligent Lives, and Perfectly Normal for Me.

About This Program

Through the lens of 26 independent films, America ReFramed tells the many stories of a transforming American culture and its broad diversity. In these weekly 60 or 90 minute independent films, the series takes an unfiltered look at relevant domestic topics (healthcare, immigration, the workplace, and politics) with personal storytelling tied to programming social themes.

America ReFramed showcases films that will give viewers a “snapshot” of the transforming American life —the guts, the glory, the grit of a new and changing America. From contemporary life on Native American reservations to stories of recovery on the Gulf, from hardships and revitalization in towns big and small, to stories from city streets across the country, these independent, personal and opinionated films document the times in which we live.

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Hosted by Natasha Del Toro

Hosted by Natasha Del Toro

I've learned so much from watching these documentaries, getting an intimate look at other peoples' lives. From a mother who made the difficult choice of emigrating to the US from Bolivia so that she could find work to support her disabled daughter in La Americana,  to a twin who wants a sex change and what that means to his brother and to his family in Red Without Blue, to a filmmaker who finds his mother's diaries after her death and discovers that she had been unfaithful to his father in 51 Birch Street, to medical marijuana growers in Montana who were federally indicted for their marijuana business though growing it was legal in the state in Code of the West. Through these films I've learned about how our country's policies affect people and about shifting cultural attitudes. This series explores who we are and the issues we are struggling with as a nation. I hope you enjoy the films as much as I do.

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